The Game Maker Company

The Game Maker Company

The Game Maker Company is located in Utrecht in the Netherlands. Its goal is to assist individuals and companies in creating exciting games on various platforms. It does so by participating in game development companies and by providing advise, writing papers and books, and even creating games itself. The company is run by Mark Overmars who has had a long history in the design and development of games, as a university professor, a hobbyist, and an enterpreneur. We participate in the following companies:

Tingly Games

Tingly Games is an innovative new casual games company situated in Rotterdam. We create Greeting Games: Short personalized HTML5 games everybody can send to their friends and loved ones, who can play them anywhere on any device. The Greeting Games service is live since the end of December 2014. So go and try it out. What is best, at the moment the service is FREE.

YoYo Games

From 1998 till 2008 the Game Maker Company developed the GameMaker software. Since a couple of years the development of the tool has been taken over by the company YoYo Games of which The Game Maker Company is one of the owners. GameMaker has now evolved into a very popular tool for developing professional games for HTML5, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and other platforms.


The Game Maker Company also participates in the Dutch company Qlvr. This company designs and produces serious games and apps for health and education. Qlvr is dedicated to creating serious games and apps that work well, look great and are fun to use. Above all, Qlvr loves to create products that really matter to users.


If you are interested in the activities of The Game Maker Company, you can contact Mark Overmars here: